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llegal Immigration—Fraud, Trafficking, & Related Charges

Illegal immigration is a contentious issue in both California and throughout the nation. At our firm, we focus on providing quality criminal defense representation to individuals charged with actions related to illegal immigration and fraud in the United States.

These charges cover a broad array of activities and may include:

  • Manufacturing, making changes to, or counterfeiting an immigration document
  • The assisting, encouragement of, or trafficking and transporting of illegal aliens into and within the United States
  • Providing protection for an illegal alien in the form of a safe house or similar sanctuary, or knowingly employing them
  • Employers' failure to complete proper forms for all new employees
  • Assisting illegal non-citizens to enter the United States for immoral purposes such as prostitution or pornography
In addition, individuals facing charges involving trafficking in illegal immigration or falsified immigration documents are often subject to other charges including tax fraud and civil or criminal forfeiture proceedings.

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