Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Sherman & Sherman lawyers are veteran Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys.

For over 40-years Victor Sherman has served as acting attorney in complex cases involving national and international law on a host of various related actions such as white collar crime, drug smuggling, and even the largest money laundering case in United States history. Our job is to alleviate the stress of a potential criminal case and provide the best legal representation supported by countless court case wins and years of expert courtroom preceding knowledge.


Among many groundbreaking cases, Victor Sherman has even argued in our nations highest court, The Supreme Court. Sherman & Sherman law firm is well experienced in the United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit and has practiced in many circuits throughout the US. Appealing a case is not for an inexperienced attorney and requires years of specific knowledge and hard fought courtroom exposure.

National Exposure

Mr. Sherman has represented clients in New York, Los Angeles DC, and San Francisco among other major courts & cities throughout the US. Other areas of practice and expertise are drug crimes attorneys, securities & business fraud lawyers as well as customs violations defense. Beyond being a seasoned criminal attorney, Mr. Sherman has been seen on numerous news and court television outlets as an expert national commentator to cases such as the OJ Simpson trial and more recently MSNBC, and the Scott Peterson trial.

As well Ms. Sherman has been featured on various new agencies and is an authored expert attorney as well as former professor. Ms Sherman talents and expertise at defending civil & criminal forfeiture cases are unprecedented.

Personal touch

Sherman & Sherman is a hand's on criminal defense firm and will always support & fight for your case to the very extent of the law. If you or someone you know is contending with a potential criminal case, Sherman & Sherman is the experienced Federal criminal defense attorney firm. When is comes to knowledge of the criminal court system Sherman & Sherman Law is your #1 choice.

Our record covering Federal crimes cases is impeccable and we take every case as serious as the next knowing that we are fighting for your freedom and more importantly, your innocence. Contact us now.